Temporarily Closing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Temporary Closing of the Online Store

We've had a rough 8 months here at A&D Outfitters. With too much going on in our personal lives, between loss of loved ones, other career opportunities, and the loss of our armor supplier, we've decided to shut down the store for a while. We appreciate the customers we have had. We still have some stock on some Primary Arms optics and a few other things. If you are interested in these, you can reach out to our Contact page and I'll see what I can do. Additionally, if there is a Primary Arms product you are interested in that we do not have we will see if we can get it for you on a case by case basis. You can still browse the online store but you'll never be able to checkout. 

If you are a purchaser of our line of body armor, we can no longer process any warranties as we have no supplier anymore. But you can rest assured it will do its job. I still wear it. We just can't get more of it.

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