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About Us

Welcome to A&D Outfitters!

We're two Second Amendment enthusiasts who wanted to bring reliable and affordable products for other Second Amendment enthusiasts. Our philosophy is, if we wouldn't use it, we wouldn't sell it. Period. 

We're 100% worker owned and operated. We have jobs and work hard outside of this. We know what its like to work a bad job to get by. That's why we're committed to being worker owned as we grow as a company.


We served together in the Army Reserve as medics back in the late 2000's and have been friends ever since. 

Our Body Armor

After looking at the market and seeing what companies are offering to the everyday American, I wasn't satisfied. The armor industry is rife with shady business practices and peddling of overpriced, heavy, and otherwise ineffective armor. We want bring a change to that. Our goal is to empower the rights of every American by offering reliable, cost-effective armor panels that every American can afford. We do our own testing to NIJ standards and will provide that data to you as well. We use these plates and have full confidence in them so you can too.